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season 6, episode 1 "Ladders" I play Jude Gippernaut, a frustrated businessman.
March 2015

Brooklyn 99

season 2, episode "Jake and Sophia" I play district attorney Carl.
November 2014

Inside Amy Schumer

The sketch "Penetrating Phil." I play Phil.
November 2013

Broad City

Season 1, ep 9 "Apartment Hunters". I'm Creepy Mark who is creepy towards Abbi.
March 2014

Earwolf Podcasts

I've gotten to be on a bunch of cool Earwolf podcasts, including...
  • Improv For Humans - Matt Besser's supercool podcast of improvised scenes.
  • Comedy Bang-Bang - Scott Aukerman's podcast of characters, guests and fun stuff.
  • Hollywood Handbook - Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport's podcast for Hollywood insiders. Neil Casey and I were lawyers negotiating them a better deal from Earwolf.
2014 and on

Don't Get Me Started Podcast

Podcast I co-host with Anthony King. Talking to talented people not about what they do but about what they love.
debuted September 2014

Sock or Hat on College Humor

World's shortest and maybe dumbest game show which I write and direct for CollegeHumor to do at press junkets when we have only five minutes to film something. Idea for this show was from Craig Rowin and Jim Santangeli! Yes, it took three people total to come up with this.
June 2014 and on

Small Men

A sketch show co-written and co-starring myself and Neil Casey. Directed by Michael Delaney. TimeOutNY's 2012 Best Sketch Show. A critic's pick in the New York Times.
  • Small Men, the full show -- taped at UCB-Chelsea in August 2013
  • Security Questions - a filmed version of one of the sketches from the show. Directed by Michael Delaney (November 2013)
  • Your Son's Band - Another filmed version of one of the sketches. Directed by Mitch Magee (December 2014)
2012 and on

Above Average Stuff

  • Idiot's Guide to Smart People -- I am the narrator for this Above Average web series explaining smart people to idiots. (2013 and 2014)
  • Sustainable Kidnapping - I am the victim of these sustainable kidnappers (Jan 2014)
  • Rejected Pitches - A Christmas Story - I play the director of A Christmas Story getting notes from some Hollywood suits! (December 2012)
  • Waco Valley - I play Lonny, the main dinosaur in Ben Warheit's web series about dinosaurs who live in a town! (October 2012)
  • Larry Woodstore I am Larry Woodstore, who does not own a woodstore. - (August 2012)
  • Amazon Yesterday Shipping - I'm the narrator of this great sketch from the group The Bildebergers. (August 2012)
  • I Wanna Have Your Baby - I play a pharmacist in Christine Nangle's web series about a surrogate mother who really loves being a surrogate mother. (August 2011)
2011 and on

Fast Food Heights

MTV web series, Episode "The Bald and the Beautiful. I'm one of the teachers.
June 2014

Why Does The Super Bowl Suck?

sketch for Greg&Lou. They play two insane dudes and I play someone who is all like "you guys are insane!"
January 2014

Kevin and Will Do A Sketch Show

A sketch show, live at UCB-Chelsea. Co-written and co-starring myself and my brother Kevin.
November 2013

Updated Acting Reel

a joke, but maybe an actually good reel?
July 2012

UCBComedy Sketches

Various projects for UCBComedy
  • Beat the Monkey's Paw - I directed this terrific sketch from Brian Glidewell. Starring Aaron Jackson and D'arcy Carden (April 2013)
  • Prosumer Audio - I directed this insane and great sketch from Hunter Nelson and Joel Weidl (July 2013)
  • Escape From Brooklyn - Megan Neuringer and Sue Galloway's web series. I play a deadpan creepy Brooklyn dude (May 2013)
  • Strip-Mall Photographer - web series for UCBComedy. Other guests in this series include Matt Fisher, Kate McKinnon, Mitch Magee (March 2012)
  • American Apparel: Everyday Sexy - Todd Bieber's sketch starring Nate Dern, myself and Pam Murphy (June 2009)
2009 and on

Outtakes from Connor Ratliff Focus Group

My friend Connor Ratliff did a thing where he ran for president, and in one video he organized an actual focus group which I moderated. I was also in his full-length documentary on his campaign. Still, my favorite video is this outtake of us laughing as we reviewed the results of the focus group.
March 2012

Can't Keep Johnny Down

submission for TMBG video contest. directed by me.
July 2011

Bad Dads with Michael Cera

a web series written/directed by Derek Westerman, co-starring Michael Cera and myself. I am the bad dad.
March 2011

Very Mary-Kate

Very Mary-Kate web series. I played Fat Professor in several episodes of this delightful web series over roughly 2009-2013.
December 2010 - February 2012ish

UCB Office Lo-Fi Sketches

lo-fi sketches in the UCB Offices while we were goofing off. Written by me (except one). All performed with Erik Tanouye unless otherwise noted.

Chris Gethard Birthday Prank

My friend Chris Gethard had a stage show (now a TV show) and for his birthday show I broke in his house and put my butt on all his things.
May 2010

Improv Nerd Stuff

  • ImprovNonsense - my popular/insidery blog about doing improv comedy (March 2010 and on)
  • UCBComedy NY Podcast - A podcast I co-hosted with John Frusciante in which we interviewed performers and writers from UCB-New York. (November 2009-November 2011)
  • UCB Long-Form Conversations - Volume two of John's and my podcast (October 2012-December 2013)
2009 and on

Get Psyched! with Dr. Lanny Latham

a full for-real BOOK co-written with Rob Lathan, inspired by his character Life Coach/Former Meth Addict Dr. Lanny Latham.
Spring 2010

Best of Mo Rocca: 180

A best-of compilation of videos I made with Mo Rocca at AOL from 2007-2009. Man on the street, sketches, essays.


Here's a sampling of sketches I wrote and directed over the years.
2007 and on

Mitch Magee Sketches

My appearances in sketches and web series created by brilliant writer/director Mitch Magee.
October 2009

Valerie by Amy Winehouse

While working as a producer at AOL, I filmed a then-unknown-in-the-US Amy Winehouse sitting in our lounge singing an amazing and unplugged cover of "Valerie."
January 2007

Suicide Jumper

scene from ImprovEverywhere with Charlie Todd
December 2005

Channel 101 - NYC

My submissions to the monthly festival of zero-budget five-minute television pilots, Channel 101, NYC edition. These are where my friends and I learned how to make videos. They are all insane.
February 2005-2006

Nuts Punched

sketch with Mitch Magee. From our first UCB sketch show Citizen Nuts.
October 2002

Home Pages

A photo tour of my old NYC apartment, with my brother Brian.
February 2000