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photo by Clay Larsen.

Will Hines Scripts

Scripts I've written on my own over the last several years. Available upon request at w.hines@gmail.com

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Amateur Scientists
A research group where the only requirement is you don't have any scientfic training. Well-meaning, likeable dummies try to make good. Like The Office but about science.
Own The Libs (2020)
A washed-up songwriter pretends to be right-wing because it's the only way he can get the attention of his liberal commnuity. Written when the author (me) was perhaps unfairly fed up with performative liberal acquaintences.
The Sweater Business (2018)
A former rock musician tries to get used to a secure corporate job at his brother's sweater manufacturing company. An argument FOR the virtues of having secure jobs! Is that very punk rock of me to write? You decide!
Cul-De-Sac (2018)
Former corporate hacker/con artists try to reform into a safer life, only to find they accidentally moved into a neighborhood filled with other anti-society rebels! You know how some shows feature lots of likeable genial people? This show is the opposite of that.
No Parents (2017)
Three high school kids whose parents are: dead, divorced or deeply unreliable do what many high schoool kids do: raise themselves.
Improv School (2016)
A former big shot at a small-town improv theater returns from LA to try and regain his old life. Based on nothing I have any experience with, this one was a real stretch.
Small Town News (2015)
A community newspaper is going out of business until the worst reporter on staff wins the lottery and buys the place, becoming its boss. Loosely inspired by the author's time writing for such newspapers a million years ago.
TSA (2014)
An ensemble comedy about the staff of a TSA checkpoint in Albany, New York. High status attitudes in no-stakes situation is something I love! All characters loosely based on my favorite performers from the UCB Theatre.


We Are Starting A Fucking Band
by Mel Cowan and Will Hines
A middle aged computer programmer decides out of nowhere that he is starting a rock band and then does that.

Sketch Shows

A Soundly Defeated Man
A low status continues to believe he's verge of success! This one you're welcome to read right now, if you'd like. Performed at UCB LA. Co-starring Pam Murphy and Matt Newell. Directed by Eva Anderson.
Deli Guy
A man tells his deli guy that he is appreciated. This is just a single sketch. I did it one time with Matt Newell and that's probably all that will happen with it but I love it and here it is anyway.